Make a Complaint

If you believe that a counsellor of this association may have breached a code of conduct for Counsellors Victoria and you would like to pursue the matter, please follow the steps below.

  1. Please check the Register of Members and Supervisors to ensure that the person about whom you wish to lodge a complaint is in fact registered with Counsellors Victoria. Please note: Counselling is an unregulated industry and as such counsellors are not required to be registered practitioners.
  2. Should the individual’s name not be found our Register, please contact the Health Care Complaints Commissions, Level 30, 570 Bourke Street Melbourne VIC 3000. Phone: (03) 8601 5222, toll free: 1800 136 066.
  3. If the name appears on our list, please complete the following form which shall be sent the ethics committee for review and follow-up. We aim to respond to all communication within 48 hours.



Given the serious nature of reported ethical breaches, a thorough investigation shall occur to ascertain the facts of the matter and to ensure that equity and fairness is achieved with the process. If the committee determine that a breach has occurred, the matter is escalated and appropriate action is taken. The process may take some time and patience is requested.